Newborn jaundice & Phototherapy treatments

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Phototherapy or light therapy is a method predominantly used to treat Hyperbilirubinemia or most commonly known as Jaundice among newborns in their neonatal stage.

Most often, an average of 60% of term babies and 85% of preterm babies are most likely to develop clinically apparent jaundice. The infant starts showing earliest signs which usually become visible by day 3, shoots up between days 5 to 7 and settles down by 14 days in a term infant and by 21 days in a
preterm infant.

When a baby is affected by jaundice, its skin, eyes and body tissues are discolored in a yellow like color. The yellow pigmentation is caused due to the release of a serum called Bilirubin which erupts when the red blood cells within the body break down. This is when phototherapy is used where the baby is exposed to light rays that helps in lowering the bilirubin levels by breaking it down until it is fully gotten rid from the system.

Jaundice can be treated using two methods of phototherapy:

1. The most common method is to place the baby under halogen spotlights or fluorescent lamps while the baby's eyes remain covered during the phototherapy treatment. This is to ensure that retina’s of the baby stay protected

2. The second kind is a process using Biliblankets. These blankets contain fibre optic cables that release blue LED light on to the baby’s body. This treatment is usually given to preterm babies or during an extreme severity While phototherapy ensures jaundice in cured ,its release of compact rays from fluorescent lights and blue LED devices could cause a couple of side effects specially on the delicate skin of the baby leading to rashes and discolouring
We understand the discomfort the little one is most likely to undergo during the phototherapy session, as sometimes the lights could prove harsher on the baby leading to skin darkening in certain areas of the its tender body for which Root and Soil has the perfect solution.

Presenting ROOT and SOIL's cold pressed sweet Almond oil which is prepared by sun-drying the almonds and cold-pressing them. Sweet almonds are best known for its anti-inflammatory and emollient properties which is widely used for improving the skin quality, shine and texture especially for babies. It also strengthens and brings nourishment to its gentle skin

Exposure to blue green lights could result in uneven skin at different places of the baby’s body - for example the legs may get tanned or get darker, or just the stomach areas turn darker than the rest of the body. We have been told by a lot of mothers that our almond oil has immensely helped in such cases , reduced the uneven skin shades and also worked its magic in almost retaining the original skin colour of babies. Hence we highly recommend to grab a bottle for your little one!

All you need to do take a few drops of the almond oil and massage gently all over the baby's face and body. Leave the skin to absorb for about 20 mins or longer post which you may use a very mild cleanser or lukewarm water to bath the baby. The oil can be used on babies from 0+ months onwards

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Disclaimer : Our almond oil WILL NOT make the baby’s skin fairer. This is not a promotion for fair skin. This will help only in removing the skin discolouring ( which some babies get as an after effect of phototherapy ). The discolouring may reverse on its own for some babies in a few weeks to few months. For some, it may not - so trying this is a personal choice of every parent. We
want to make it clear upfront as words like ‘Uneven skintone’ and ‘Glow’ can be easily associated with fair skin. As a brand, we believe skin shade is very intelligently designed by nature considering several factors such as weather, soil and so on. We embrace every skin color. Our focus is on healthy skin, not fair skin.

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  • My baby was born with mild jaundice. She went through phototherapy for 36 hrs. & She’s tanned badly. She was born pink, now she has totally bronze skin complexion. In how many days the tan will go away! I want my baby actual skin colour.

    Sudeshna Sengupta on
  • my baby is not phototherapy treatment he’s birth is normal only but my baby had no hair on his head can I use root and soil hair oil for my baby?

    Renuka on
  • my baby is not phototherapy treatment he is normally birth only can I use root and soil massage oil for my baby ?

    Renuka on
  • My baby age 1year 5month so us ur product

    Lakshmi srinivas Lakshmi srinivas on
  • I need this oil does this oil make fair my baby skin

    Swati on

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