Our Secret

When the coconut falls, our labour of love begins…

 The coconut is the heart and hero of our every formulation. We handpick only the finest naturally farmed and naturally harvested coconuts, sourced from local farms in the ‘land of coconuts’, Pollachi. 

 Our coconuts quite literally set us apart. Truly believing that the tree knows better, we patiently wait to be blessed by its abundance. Here’s a little insight into our process. 

Step 1: Harvesting the coconuts

We don’t rush the tree by climbing and forcefully collecting the coconuts. We wait for a period of 60-75 days for the coconuts to fall off the tree on its own. These mature coconuts are in a lovely brown colour, unlike their immature green counterparts.


Step 2: Time out in the sun

The harvested coconuts are broken, halved and left out to dry naturally in sunlight for 2-3 days. 



Step 3: the big scoop 

The dried coconuts are commonly called Copra. While most brands source copra from the copra market, we make our own. The copra once dried is then scooped out of their shells and cut into smaller pieces.


Step 4: sun-dried for a second time  

The smaller pieces are then spread out to bask in the sun’s light for a second time. This ensures uniformity in drying and removal of any excess moisture retained. The lesser the moisture, the better the shelf life of the oil. 


Step 5: Extraction and collection 

After 2-3 days in the sun, the pieces of copra are carefully gathered and cold-pressed to gently extract the oil. Typically, the shelf life of Copra is just 5-7 days before it goes rancid. Most add sulphur to prolong the shelf life but this compromises the oil. We don’t add any sulphur or preservatives for the shelf life, instead take meticulous care and hygiene in each process, our oils are naturally fresh for about 10 months.


What’s special about using naturally farmed and naturally harvested coconuts?

The naturally farmed & naturally harvested coconuts does make a significant difference:

  • The oil has a fresh and pleasant aroma
  • non-greasy and non-sticky 
  • Light in colour and weight  
  • Longer shelf life 
  • More effective in formulations