Green packaging

We know that from a marketing perspective packaging is extremely important.

While perusing store shelves or browsing through an online store, whether consciously or unconsciously, many people pay more attention to how a product is packaged than anything else.

Since that first impression often leads to a purchase, most skincare companies spend a lot of money and time on creating pretty packaging.

We believe that a company can create packaging that is both aesthetically pleasing and environmentally friendly.

Our customers are not simply looking for "pretty" packaging they are looking for eco-friendly packaging from a company with an environmental conscience. Our Packaging is Over 96% Plastic-Free!

As a company dedicated to all things natural, we strongly believe that our environmental commitments apply not only to our products, but to how they are packaged, how we manage our business, and how we live our daily lives.

Sustainable packaging, also called Green Packaging, uses materials that will reduce the harmful impacts of packaging on the environment. So …

we use minimal packaging
we use materials that have little environmental impact
we use materials that are sustainably sourced
we use materials that can really be recycled

That last point is an important one that is often neglected and plastic is a great example. Although many plastics can be recycled, most are not, even those thrown into our recycling bins. In some municipalities, the cost of recycling makes it unfeasible.

That is why we strive to be as plastic-free as possible not only in our product packaging but also in our plastic waste.

Product Packaging

Balancing the proper packaging for our products and their environmental impact requires a lot of research and thought. One function of packaging is to preserve the freshness of our products--in this case, product ingredients dictate our packaging choice. Another function is to protect our product in transit to our customers.


The environmental impact is always a priority. As we look at the ability to reduce, reuse and recycle, we also assess the carbon footprint of the packaging across the entire supply chain.

We Strive for Our Product Packaging to be as Plastic-Free as Possible.

Coir Packaging

Green and clean are two words that perfectly describe our packaging. We believe the littlest steps contribute to the biggest changes and this is why we do not use any form of plastic or paper to package our products. All our products are carefully wrapped in coir from our coconut farms in Pollachi. Coir  Coir is natural, plastic-free and an element that can be repurposed in a multitude of ways around your home.
We quite literally go the extra mile to make you and the earth smile.