Our promise

The support of a village is here !!

Dear new parents

It isn’t unheard of the kind of marathon parental journey is. While the phase can be immensely joyful, we cannot ignore the uncertainty and anxiousness that follows. It is also a duration when intense nurturing will be required to be given to the newborn and the mother. For this to happen any amount of help may seem less, which is why it is often said “ It takes a village to raise a child” ..

This is the exact thread of support we at Root and Soil would like to offer to every parent of a new born out here, to try and fill those shoes of a family member or the assistance of a community that is currently missing in your lives and to make their presence felt. To be that village that will be your aid in the need of the hour even during the most unpredictable ones while raising your baby :)

Here is the purpose of our existence !

During pregnancy, the amount of care and consideration bestowed is unconditional but after the baby is born, most often they are left confused & cluless of what to expect. Raising babies come with many unexpected circumstances which can be very new to parents. Trouble may come in the form of a terrible concussion or congestion, discomfort due to a colic or rash, constant crying or irritability causing helplessness and more. Earlier times most families lived collectively in a joint setting or were surrounded by larger communities which brought a sense of relief knowing that they there was always an immediate human aid to turn to especially when these kind of unexpected turn of events take place with the tiny humans. We all know that in the current existing and living scenarios with families becoming more nuclear in nature, for most new age or next generation of parents, this element of support can probably seem faint or seen as a paid help.

Inspired by these real moments of need, Root and Soil aspires to support you in these exact scenarios through our situationally curated products. We consistently and consciously work on our catalogue considering possibilities where instant support brings considerable relief to both babies and young parents.

A little about me ..

I am Priyadarshini Krishnan, Founder of this brand - naturally birthed mother and a firm believer in nature’s power. I can safely say that i have always felt a very organic connect with nature and its design since my childhood and have tried to implement it in my own lifestyle in all littlest ways possible. But the belief increased multifolds especially after the event of natural birthing of my daughter 'Paridhi', where i experienced the surreal surrender with nature's design firsthand. Those moments stayed with me and those seeds germinated months later as Root and Soil..

I am also a certified ' Newborn Care Specialist ' from an nationally accredited academy, washington - i pursued this course after starting out this brand, because i was so curious to see the nature and science blending at ease with all its perfection .. And i strongly feel that - together, this wholesome amalgamation of nature’s healing power and the profound knowledge of today's evidence based babycare, has been the perfect partners to curate our own unique set of products, that work like magic !!

Our formulations are made with an aim to bring a perfect culmination of nature’s wholesomeness and wisdom while backed by science. With this powerful combination along with the usage of right ingredients we have been able  to chart out a purposeful range of products. While our products exactly serve the purpose of what they are created for, they are also FDA approved and dermatologically tested. 

Our manufacturing facility is located at a small village near Pollachi, Tamilnadu where we handcraft all our products. Even the base oils (Ingredients for our products) are made in-house to make sure the quality and efficacy of the product is on point. We have our team of many local expert men and women from the village community working here for you and your baby, so that you don't miss the care and support of a village anymore :)

Hands of support ...

Parenthood does not come with a manual, it is a constant process of learning and unlearning and all that you choose to adapt in this unconditional relationship. We want to be that difference, that aid of assurance you can turn to depend on because we understand the agony as a parent while your child is under the radar of any physical or emotional discomfort ..

We look forward to support you, gather your trust and stand tall in that hour of need in the form of your friend, guardian, family or community member. For those who have tried us we thank you for trusting and choosing us, for those who haven’t we soon hope to win you over. Leave your worries to us and we will find a solution for you :)

We promise to stay rooted and grounded to the soil !


Priya, Founder