Diaper rash in babies - What you must know !

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Diaper rashes on babies:

There are no perfect words to define the joy of parenthood. While the experience brings unexplainable emotions to life, it comes with enormous amount of learning and unlearning for new parents to choose the best methods that will always retain comfort and smiles intact on their babies.
Despite enough care one of the most commonly seen issues experienced with babies are concerns related to diaper rashes. A situation over whelming enough while we strip the diaper below, peek through the tender buttocks and realise the rash is the reason of helplessness and discomfort caused to the infant. Peace cannot prevail over until controlled

What exactly is diaper rash?

It is pretty obvious that it is rashes caused by wearing a diaper. These rashes are nothing but an inflammation or redness that appear on the baby’s bottom due to constant wetness and irregular periods of changing.

What are the symptoms:

Diaper rash can be identified during the following situations:

• Change in skin colour : Diaper rash can be seen as a redness on the skin in the diaper region which includes the buttocks, thighs and genitals.
• Changes in the baby's demeanor: It can be noticed that your baby will seem more uncomfortable than usual especially during diaper changes. A baby with a diaper rash often fusses or cries sometimes uncontrollably when the diaper area is being washed or touched.

How to treat diaper rashes:

Like we all know the saying that prevention brings the right cure, ensuring that rashes can be avoided and prevented can be tried at the optimum best. Always remember to have a timely watch and keep your baby’s bottom dry at all times


Introducing ROOT and SOIL's Diaper rash coconut balm, a first of its kind baby
care product in India to be made from 100% Sulphur free cold pressed coconut oil. Coconut oil is an age old solution for rashes, as it acts as a barrier and protects your baby's skin from wetness. Thus, our rash balm effectively prevents and treats your little one from rashes. This is one of our all time bestsellers! You would definitely see the rashes going away within a few applications and we welcome your baby to the rash-free diaper days !



Find our rash free balm in three different variants
Classic - This balm contains a mild and raw coconut aroma. Completely safe to use on babies from day one of birth. If your baby is less than 3 months old, we recommend you to take the classic version. Available in 50 and 100gms
Rosemary - It has rosemary essential oil added to it. Due to the essential oil used as an ingredient we recommend to use it for babies from 3+ months old. Choose this is an alternative if fragrance added is your need. Available in 50gms.
Turmeric - This nostalgic version comes with the combination and goodness of natural turmeric powder and coconut oil .It is also better used for babies beyond 3+ months. We recommend this version only when a baby experiences severe diaper rashes.Available in 50gms

How to use the diaper balm?

Take a pinch of diaper rash balm using your finger tip and apply it over the baby's rash prone areas like inner thighs, bums, and around the genitals. It is recommended to use the rash balm before before you put on a fresh diaper every single time.

Why should you choose this product:

• Root and Soil diaper rash balm contains 87% coconut oil against other brands in the market which mostly have about 7-8% of it
• Our research says that most balms are water based and thickened with synthetic thickeners whereas the balm from Root and Soil is completely an oil based formula which lets the baby’s tender skin heal naturally and at the right place.


How to buy it:

Like many mothers who have purchased and provided great feedbacks on this product through their experience of using it on their little ones, now it is your turn

Buy it at just INR 340/-, choose your version and make your purchase from here - LINK

You can also try our combo pack as well.

Feel free to reach us at care@rootandsoil.in. Show us your love and share your thoughts and experiences with us.

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