Constipation in Infants and Toddlers - Causes and Remedies

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Constipation in Infants and Toddlers:

That sight of an empty bowl of food once completely fed filling the little tummies - One of the best joys for any mother of an infant or a toddler I must say. While a slight mismatch in diet or sometimes change of food could head to an entirely different direction of these delightful times sometimes leading to constipation


What is Constipation and how does this happen?

As we know Constipation is a situation where we are unable to pass stools easily due to uncomfortable bowel movement. This usually happens when there is a change in diet and a pattern of food that does not suit your system When this situation is seen among infants or toddlers it can be a cause of challenge and worry among parents. However most often the baby may not really be constipated too.

Their growing systems may not have even developed a routine for pooping yet. In fact some babies do not adapt to a bowel movement pattern for a while. The bowel movement pattern in an infant can change due to the alterations in diet, like switching from breast milk to formula, starting solid foods, or drinking less formula /milk than usual. In this process If your baby’s stool (poop) is not soft or easily passed, then they may be constipated.

What are signs of Constipation:

• When the baby passes lesser stools than their usual pattern

• Applying more pressure than normal to have a bowel movement

• Passing hard stools or a change in the volume and type of stool being passed

• Sensing a bloated belly or swollen due to gas

• Suffer painful stomach/colic cramps

• Extremely Irritable due to irregular bowel patterns

Solution from Root and Soil

One of the most usual concerns seen with constipation in infants is colic pain or cramps in the tiny belly of the baby. ROOT AND SOIL's Colic Relief Tummy Roll-on would be a great source of assistance in relieving this colic irritation . The roll on is made with precise proportions of cold pressed Sulphur-free coconut oil and castor oil. It comes with the goodness of ajwain or omam along with the purity of real hing. Pure hing usually comes as a paste and is expensive.

Against the commercial kinds, hing crystals found in the market could be adulterated with the addition of maida / glue in it while Root and Soil has worked in the creation of a natural product through this Colic relief roll on along with retaining the aroma and the concentration of pure hing paste . This is a powerful combination with the use of natural ingredients which can be used on babies from birth. It helps with stomach discomfort, colic/ gastric pain and indigestion.

How to use the Colic Roll-On:

When you find the baby is a colicky situation:

1.Gently apply the roll on over the baby's navel and lower abdomen.

2.If you realize the baby suffering from Colic, keep applying it every 20-30 minutes.

3.If you're using our roll-on as a preventive measure, apply it twice a day. Once in the morning with a follow-up in the evening.

4. We also suggest a patch test - Before utilizing the product, a patch test is advisable to ensure your little one is not allergic to the ingredients used to make the roll-on.

Request the adult to apply the product to the inner elbow/jawline of the baby first and observe the next 24 hours. If there is no reaction, you can apply the product on the navel area. If any irritation occurs, please discontinue the product and consult a dermatologist.

How to buy it: Available in 50ml at INR 290 for age group - zero plus months. Please click the link to make your purchase -

While this product has been infused as a 100% natural and herbal version with ethically sourced ingredients which are sulphate and cruelty free with absolutely no preservatives used keeping newborns and infants in mind to ensure the situation related to colic is best brought under control, Under much serious circumstances we definitely recommend to consult a doctor if the situation seen with constipation of your infant requires immediate medical protocol and treatment.


Reviews shared by our happy customers:


Miracle oil - Must needed oil for babies. I was worried about my 3 month old baby . Whenever she cries due to colic pain I have applied this oil and gave a gentle massage which gives immediate relief. My baby’s colic is now better

Vidhya Priya 

Colic relief roll on is a magic, helps my baby pass gas with ease. We apply everyday evening for my baby and his colic is now better. Just that the smell is raw. Really relieved me 

By M

I have ordered Colic roll on and Cold congestion roll almost when my baby was a month old. I can say both your products are awesome and thanks to you for such wonderful creations.. it really relieved me..

All the best for your future.. good going keep it up� Feel free to reach us at

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