Care For Your Baby This Monsoon

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6 Foolproof Ways To Care For Your Baby This Monsoon

The arrival of monsoon is an indication that it
s time to switch up your babys routine to suit the season, to help protect them against the changing weather and provide their skin with the right nourishment. We all know that babies are more likely and prone to catching a cold or an infection during the rainy season. This is why we have curated those essentials you need to keep in mind, to make the monsoons easy-peasy for you while giving your baby the extra care they need.

Keep your baby clean and dry

Monsoons bring with them a lot of humidity that can lead to excessive sweating for babies. It
s important to keep your baby clean with regular baths or sponging using lukewarm or room temperature water. Opt for chemical-free ingredients that soothe your babys sensitive skin while keeping them clean. Finally, make sure to choose a mild and gentle cleanser that is rich in natural ingredients and free of any harmful chemicals like the Absolute Bathing Bar range from Root & Soil. Made with fresh extracts from coconut, hibiscus & Indian nettle these handmade soaps are perfect for babys delicate skin from birth.

Take care of hair care

Caring for baby
s hair and scalp is as important. Keep cradle cap and itchy scalps at bay this monsoon with natural and safe products that will protect your baby’s sensitive scalp. Root & Soil’s absolute bar doubles as a hair cleanser as well, tackling two problems with one solution. If you are looking for a gel-based cleanser, Root and Soils coconut-based hair wash gel infused with natural ingredients and herbal extracts is a good alternative.

Hydrate & nourish your baby
s skin

Babies can often suffer from dry skin, which is why using a good moisturiser is important to keep their delicate skin nourished. Root and Soil
s body butter infused with Saffron is perfect to maintain babys soft skin. Saffron is known to be intensely moisturising, help prevent skin rashes and keep babys skin soft and supple. Alternatively, you can even use Root & Soils almond oil to massage it into the babys skin. Baby massages are extremely vital to promoting babys bone development, and relaxation, and even promote bonding. Almond oil is an effective moisturiser known to prevent skin problems, provide a soothing effect and promote better sleep.

Follow a proper diaper care routine

Following a proper skincare routine during the monsoons is especially important to tackle common problems like diaper rashes. The humidity and sweating can easily cause infections and cause breakouts. Using a diaper rash cream will keep your baby protected from rashes and itchiness. Root and Soil Coconut Oil Rash Cream is an ideal solution for rash-free days.
Made from 100% cold-pressed sulphur-free coconut oil, the rash cream is completely natural and safe to use for babies.

Keep the surroundings clean

Keeping the house and surroundings tidy is of utmost importance during this time. Look out for water-logging, dampness, and open windows or creaks. Avoiding these will prevent any bacterial infections and keep mosquitoes away. Using a natural mosquito repellent can give your baby that extra protection they need. Root and Soil
s mosquito repellent cream is infused with Lemongrass and neem extracts which are known to naturally repel mosquitoes and bugs.

Choose monsoon-friendly clothing

The monsoon in India is usually hot and humid, which means cotton will be your baby
s best friend. Dress your baby in loose cotton clothing to help avoid rashes to their skin and keep them cool. During bedtime, you can opt for full-hand clothing to keep them protected from mosquito bites. If the temperatures are cooler, adding a soft woollen sweater should suffice.

Following these tips are essential to maintaining your baby's health during the monsoon season. All of these methods will protect your little one and help you better enjoy those cozy rainy days together.

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