Diwali Then and Now

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It is that time of the year where every house and street twinkles with lights like stars walking on Earth . Every home buzzing with giggles and laughter. An aroma of delicacies and fragrance of flowers followed by the most celebrated part of this occasion - bursting crackers!! A much awaited celebration that connects and binds all. A favorite festival of most - Diwali !!

Diwali is all about celebrating and bringing loved ones together, However with evolution and time passing by, different perceptions and social norms of such occasions have changed over the years. In the earlier days the longing of wearing new clothes, eating and cooking festive specials, wearing new clothes, visiting loved ones , giving them gifts while awaiting your own , performing rituals and celebrating together was extremely valuable. This is because families and societies were more close knit which in turn created healthy and stronger bonding among communities

Festive wishes today have now reduced to a WhatsApp text or a GIF let alone a personal message or even a phone call. Be it digital or physical, sales and discounts are available through out the year to shop clothes, jewellery, sweets or any treats at any given moment, does not a require special occasion to do so which has changed the momentum of purchase needs. What’s more is that we can now even send personalized gifts, a wide variety of sweetmeats to anyone ,anywhere in the world without physically doing so. We now choose to participate or organize individual and loud Diwali parties or use the holidays to travel resulting in posting a bunch of pictures on social media while moving away from the traditional sense of celebration.

There is a definite drift seen in the current scenarios Vs past when we measure celebrations. Increasing career opportunities in cities and demanding life styles have crunched families to nuclear sizes, reducing time and space between loved ones. This does not have to dampen the festive spirit but instead should create an atmosphere of celebration by setting examples especially for our children since it is we who can help them understand the purpose of traditions, extended families , supporting relationships and how such celebrations only holds us tighter and draws us closer because Diwali is about creating these memories. Here are some ways to do so.

• Dress up your babies, children and yourself in traditional attire to keep up the festive spirit.

• On the festival morning, traditionally infants and toddlers used to be given an oil bath. Moms or grandma’s would lovingly massage the tiny bodies with cold pressed oils and then given a hot water bath. Today you can continue this ritual by any adult who is available at home and keep this tradition going

• Encourage participation of your children while decorating your homes with floral arrangements and lights including diyas that keeps the festive vibes on.

• Make sure to keep your children interested by talking and explaining the meaning behind Diwali rituals

• Prepare Diwali specials, if needed even in smaller quantities that are usually made as part of the family traditions .You could also make your children distribute sweets and savouries to friends and neighbors.

• In the earlier years celebrations included grandparents, parents, aunts, uncles and cousins unlike today where we have smaller home with lesser spaces ,we could still look at including fewer family members and continue the celebrations. This way children would still understand the purpose of gatherings like these.

• Mingle with neighbors and friends like a potluck which will be a wonderful opportunity to meet and exchange conversations . This way children would also have a fun way to rejoice and learn importance of social interactions.

• Usually associations of larger gated communities of apartments and colonies of homes play integral roles in conducting Diwali celebrations which allows you to explore meet and greet’s and lets you enjoy the fun and frolic of the occasion. Even if you are living away from families or home towns and unable to pay a visit, participating in celebrations like these would make you feel less nostalgic and keep you included.

• Share Diwali gifts and hampers with your loved ones and make them feel special

• At last do not forget to take pictures and make beautiful memories

This kind of cheer and positivity is important which strengthens families and bonds communities. No doubt we stand in the prime era of information, which has made the world a smaller place and brought about convenience of cultural changes. While we are accepting conscious changes like organic living with purposeful gifting and bio degradable crackers keeping environment in mind, we could extend the same in holding our personal ecosystems closer too. As responsible adults lets hope to insert values and set an unconditional way of living in our children for generations to come.

At Root and Soil, the connect with community and nature is the core essence of every product made for our little adorable humans . It is a result of carefully supervised formulations and curated with hardworking hands with a touch of Earth in each of them. While getting ready for Diwali, here are some suggestions from us for your babies

You could try our 

Cold pressed Almond Oil :

To massage their tiny bodies before a bath. The Sweet almond oil is made using the finest and hundred percent naturally grown almonds. It prepared by sun-drying the almonds and cold-pressing them. anti-inflammatory properties. Almonds are known for its emollient properties widely used for improving the skin shine and texture. They are also a rich source of Vitamin B-7 or Biotin, thus helping the hair to be strong and healthy.

How to use: Take a few drops of oil and gently massage all over the baby's face and body. Leave it for the skin to absorb for about 20 mins or longer. You may then use a very mild cleanser or lukewarm water to bathe the baby.

Baby Bath Powder:

To use it as a refreshing agent. Our extra gentle baby bath powder is a perfect concoction of 20+ traditional herbs, roots, grains & exotic real flowers to nourish baby’s delicate skin. The real flower petals moisturizes and milk softens your precious little one’s skin from day one. The traditional herbs & roots allows the skin to build immunity naturally, while preserving the natural oils on the skin. The organic grains offer a very mild gentle scrubbing for the skin which ensures the natural oils present on the baby’s tender skin are not stripped off, but only preserved and complemented. With the natural aroma of flower petals such as native roses, lotus petals, calendula and chamomile, the bathing experience is instantly turned into a refreshing one for the little one.

Directions : To be mixed with water or milk or curd to make a paste and then to be used on baby’s skin for best results.

This effective concoctions can be used for 0+ months which works deeply on a therapeutic level as well to help maintain a healthy complexion and soft skin for your little one.

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We wish all of you the joy and splendor of Diwali . Let the sparkle touch all of your lives!!

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