Dusting Powder For Babies

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Dusting Powder for babies:

Our earliest personal experience with Talcum powder is almost a few hours after birth. This usage possibly continues for many more years of a baby’s growing months most often becoming a personal lifestyle choice of comfort as part of parenting priorly because of hygiene reasons and the soothing effect it usually brings which helps the infant stay boil and rash free, especially in the harsh season of summer.

Did you know that Talc as a product is a mineral that contains magnesium, silicon and oxygen? Usually, when used on skin, it has the ability to absorb moisture and keep our skin dry making us feel fresh and free from discomfort. However, in the recent past Talc became a topic of context because of the adulteration methods being used causing worries among many especially mothers and young parents. Keeping the concern of side effects in mind, as talc is directly applied to the skin along with other sensitive areas on a baby many have ventured looking for alternatives to help protect the tender soft skin of their little ones.

One of the biggest milestones in this area is the introduction of Talc free Dusting Powder for babies. Dusting powder is usually made of natural ingredients while dermatologically tried and tested keeping safety standards in mind. One such recommendation comes from Root and Soil in the Baby Talc free Dusting Powder which can be comfortably used on babies not only in summer but although the year! This special organic product contains the goodness of Damask rose, Chamomile and Calendula whose gentle qualities will protect the baby against skin irritation and inflammation if any also adding freshness, nourishment and soothing effect to the infant’s tender skin.

How to use this powder:

Once you unpack, take the powder into your palm and apply it gently on the skin & skin folds on the baby’s arms & legs. Recommend to use this soft powder after bath and nappy change to keep your child’s skin sweat-free, rash-free & cool. Can be used as often as needed. The product is completely safe to use for new-borns. It is best suited for babies and kids within the age group 0-5 yrs. It can also be used by older kids, teens & adults for both face and body.

How to purchase:

Please click this link - https://www.rootandsoil.in/products/baby-talcfree-dusting-powder-damask-rose-chamomile-and-calendula-0-months

How to reach us:

Write to us at care@rootandsoil.in.



As conscious parents and individuals, we welcome you to the world of chemical-free must have’s. We wish to touch your lives and add value to your lifestyle naturally and aesthetically through our range of products by using offerings of mother nature at its best

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  • Is calendula flavor dusting powder is not available. I see only damask rose one.
    Kindly let me know.

    Pavitra Kamat on

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