Face cream for babies - Rose of castile 45g
Face cream for babies - Rose of castile 45g
Face cream for babies - Rose of castile 45g
Face cream for babies - Rose of castile 45g
Face cream for babies - Rose of castile 45g
Face cream for babies - Rose of castile 45g

Face cream for babies - Rose of castile 45g

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• Newborn & infant friendly
• 100% Natural & Herbal
• Ethically sourced ingredients
• Sulphate-free
• Cruelty-Free
• No Preservatives

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Completely made of handmade oils & rich butters - NO WATER FORMULA - Hence greasy and slightly heavy while applying. But once it gets absorbed by the skin in around 3-6 minutes, it doesn’t feel heavier on the skin ( If you looking for a light weight non-greasy option, check out our ‘ Pink lotus & coconut milk face cream for babies ). 
ROOT and SOIL's Baby Face Cream is a unique blend of handmade coconut milk oil and organic cocoa butter. Coconut milk oil is a super rich oil, with amazing benefits for skin. It reduces dark spots, marks and keeps the face soft and shiny throughout the day. While natural, organic certified cocoa butter we have used keeps the skin moisturized for longer hours.
Keeps the baby's face soft and shiny throughout the day. Nourishes the baby's skin.
Take a small pinch, apply on baby's face spreading it gently all over.
Handmade coconut milk oil, Organic Cocoa butter (edible grade), arrow root powder, rose of castile herbal extracts, shade dried floral extracts, natural beeswax.
Best Before 12 Months From Manufacturing Date

Key Ingredients
- Handmade coconut milk oil
- Organic Cocoa butter (edible grade)
- Arrowroot powder
- Rose of castile
- Shade dried floral extracts
- Herbal extracts
- Natural beeswax

Take a small pinch, apply on baby's face spreading it gently all over.

Before utilising the product, a patch test is advisable to ensure you or your little one are not allergic to it.
Apply the product to your inner elbow/jawline and observe for the next 24 hours. If there’s no reaction, you can apply the product to your skin. If irritation occurs, please discontinue the product and consult a dermatologist.

Customer Reviews

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Amirtha S
Product Weight difference

I have ordered the face cream rose of castle. The cream weight mentioned In the website is 50gm but i received only 45gm pack. Please check

Harshini R
Worst product

Worst product ever bought. Though I sent a message regarding the cream’s texture there was no response on WhatsApp. Have not seen a product of this quality from any brand and claiming yourself to be a baby’s skin care brand too low of you to provide a cream that is 100% flaky. Hope you don’t spoil kids skin with your ugly products.

Hi Sorry for the inconvenience ! As we dont use any preservatives and its 100 % natural it may react to weather it we can keep outside it will melt and you can again refridegerate its butter so it will goes to original state . From our end support can you please tell your order id and through whatsapp we have replied to atmost all the queries if your message has been missed we will apologize for that and after 24 hours we cannot reply back to customers it will automatically close. We didnt say anywhere that we dont help. Customers satisfaction is more important you can connect with us via
Mail -care@rootandsoil.in
whatsapp- 7448779379
insta -rootandsoil.in
Weekdays : 10AM to 5:30PM
Saturday : 10AM to 3PM
Sunday Holiday

Not happy with the container changes

We used all the product from roots and soil look all fine happy customer but now really unsatisfied on the face cream and butter kumkumadi body cream too..No frangance is missing too due to container changes we feel... Bottle version long lasting the cream nicely usage was safe too but aluminium container doesn't have matching cream put doesn't smell at all.. picture for reference... please kindly address the concern

Hi Babitha, Have taken your inputs with all sincerity. we are reworking on the containers, the same will be fixed within a few weeks.

Gayathri R

Face cream for babies. It looks curdled. Is this the original texture of the cream. Little confused.
Other products which I bought are all good. Body butter for baby, Almond oil and stretch mark cream are good. Yet to see the results.

Hi Gayathri, yes the change of texture is normal and could be due to weather. As it is a natural product, we do not add any synthetics to hold the consistency. Hence, it responds to weather conditions and it is absolutely normal.

Tony Mathew
Smell is strong

The cream is smooth and fine. But the smell is different and a bit strong. It lingers on for a long time. Everything else is good, the packaging is superb. On time delivery.

It has been great pleasure serving you.We hope to further add more value through our goods and services!thanks for the review!