Moringa body butter for babies | Original and greasy (From 0+ months)
Moringa body butter for babies | Original and greasy (From 0+ months)
Moringa body butter for babies | Original and greasy (From 0+ months)
Moringa body butter for babies | Original and greasy (From 0+ months)
Moringa body butter for babies | Original and greasy (From 0+ months)
Moringa body butter for babies | Original and greasy (From 0+ months)

Moringa body butter for babies | Original and greasy (From 0+ months)

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🌿 No-water formula
🌿 Made with rich oils and butters
🌿 Preservative-free
🌿 Mineral oil free
🌿 Handmade in small batches

Size 50 g

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Important : Completely made of handmade oils & rich butters - NO WATER FORMULA - Hence greasy and slightly heavy while applying. But once it gets absorbed by the skin in around 3-6 minutes, it doesn’t feel heavier on the skin ( If you looking for a light weight non-greasy option, check out our ‘ Saffron & sandalwood body cream for babies ). 
We are excited about this new flavour - Moringa in our body butter. So here is some back story - When we launched our first anhydrous body butter (saffron) like around 20 months back, it had mixed reviews. Like it has got a too good texture and feel but it is greasy. Some parents absolutely loved it and some parents were not ok with the greasy feel. We ran a poll, asking for feedbacks about the greasiness. That was when many parents told us - Yes, it is greasy but it gets well absorbed by the skin within 5-10 mins and keeps the skin moisturized throughout the day. We gained back the confidence, we stuck to this original version itself. Because to us, inspite of the greasiness, the purpose it serves was important. That it is safe on baby's delicate skin was important ! Today, it's one of our bestsellers. Parents tell us how they are loving our body butter 🤗 Word of mouth , word of mouth , word of mouth .. !! This is how parents come to us for body butter 💚
ROOT and SOIL's Mooring Body Butter for Babies deeply hydrates the baby's skin , keeping the skin soft and supple throughout the day.
Best Before 10 Months From Manufacturing Date

Cold-pressed moringa oil, Unrefined Shea butter, Organic cocoa butter, Wood-pressed almond oil, Handmade coconut milk oil, Natural beeswax and Moringa extracts

1. Take a small pinch on your finger and slowly spread the butter over your baby's body and face
2. Make sure you gently massage for deeper moisturization and better absorption
Note: Initially the butter might seem greasy but rest assured that the feeling goes away when it's fully absorbed by the skin

Before utilising the product, a patch test is advisable to ensure you or your little one are not allergic to it.
Apply the product to your inner elbow/jawline and observe for the next 24 hours. If there’s no reaction, you can apply the product to your skin. If irritation occurs, please discontinue the product and consult a dermatologist.

Customer Reviews

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Smells terrible and texture is grainy

I've been using the Kumkumadi butter for months now. The smell was very herbal but pleasant. For some reason, they've discontinued it. So I ordered the moringa butter this time. It smells absolutely terrible and nauseating. I knew it would smell herbal but this is too strong and potent, especially for a baby product. It's also not smooth and very grainy, which isn't easy to spread. I wouldn't recommend it. I don't think I'll be restocking any of their products again, except the Kumkumadi soap.

Hello Amritha, As our balms and butters are completely natural, they tend to melt in hotter weather conditions. We suggest to refrigerate in such cases.

Sometimes, there could be a formulation of granules when they melt and solidify back - this is due to the density difference between oils and butters. And this is normal as we do not add any synthetics to hold the consistency of the product. Rest assured that it's absolutely safe to use.

Jayasree R

Wonderful for keeping babies skin moistured. I have ordered many times the quality remains the same. Thankyou Root and Soil

Smells divine

I was very interested in buying this product considering the ingredient yet I was so skeptical about how it will smell. Just wanted to risk and purchased, to my surprise the smell is amazing that I will buy it again and often ❤️

Lalitha P

Really nice

Moringa body butter for babies

Since I couldn't find the kumkumadi body butter original (my favourite) in the website, I bought the moringa body butter half heartedly but to my amazement, the product is absolutely beautiful. It is very nourishing and gives that healthy glow to my baby's skin. I will definitely buy it again.