Colic in babies - Causes, symptoms and remedies

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How to soothe a baby stressing out from abdominal colicky pain? Continue to read about the easiest and safest remedy ever...

Crying is the only way for a baby to tell us what they need or feel. They can cry for any number of reasons or no reason at all. They may be hungry, have a soiled diaper, or may just need attention. If a crying baby cannot be comforted, there are high chances that the cause may be infantile colic.

Infantile Colic is not a disease or a diagnosis, but is instead a state of discomfort, that occurs when a healthy baby cries for an extended time period for no specific reason. While no one knows for sure what generally causes colicky pain, experts say that it could be because of their immature digestive system which is still developing. In general, babies with colic will be fussy,  irritated but get back to normal after a while. 

Here are different symptoms of colicky pain in babies

  • Intense crying, sometimes up to 3 to 5 hours a day. Otherwise, babies act normal.
  • Crying often occurs at the same time each day. Usually in the late ­afternoon to evening.
  • While crying, babies often pass gas, pull or stretch their legs up and out.


Ways to calm a baby with colicky pain :

Here are some basic ways you can do to comfort a crying baby. 

It initially doesn't help much, but with patience and practice, it starts working and calms the baby.

  • Swaddling your baby to make them feel secure and safe
  • Turning on sounds that remind babies of their inside womb days - white noises for example
  • Rocking them and holding them skin to skin
  • Overfeeding your baby may also make them feel uncomfortable. Wait for at least 2 to 3 hours from one feeding to the next
  • If food sensitivity is the cause of the discomfort, a change in mom's diet may help. Most of the times, diary products are the culprits.
  • See if your baby gets less fussy if you cut down on milk ­products, caffeine, spicy or gassy foods
  • Though gripe water was popularly offered for colicky pain, they are not recommended by experts as the baby's digestive system is very senstive and hence it may not suit all babies 
  • A warm water syrup of organic ginger, fennel, and cumin is the best homemade colic drop that could be given to babies - please note it can be offered to babies only after 6+ months
  • Hing and ajwain mixed with warm water can act as the best colic drop and soothe the baby soon - please note it can be offered to babies only after 6+ months



ROOT and SOIL's Colic Relief Tummy Roll-on is an amazing external application product that could relieve your baby from colicky pain. It is a completely natural roll-on made with cold-pressed sulphur-free coconut oil and traditionally made castor oil. As it comes with all the virtues of Ajwain (Omam) and Hing (Asafoetida), it is an excellent alternative to the colic drops, especially for newborns.

Pure hing comes in a paste form and is expensive. Usually, the crystallized hing bar (Katti Perungayam) has Maida/Glue in it to reduce the price and sold in the market. The hing used in ROOT and SOIL's colic relief roll on product is raw and pure, it can't even be compared to commercial ones available in the market, which in turn makes the product so very effective.The aroma and the concentration of pure hing paste is so powerful and highly medicinal. 

This natural abdominal colic relief roll-on is safe to use from birth and as parents u may use this for your baby without any hesitation.


How to use? 

  • When the baby cries out of colicky pain you need to apply the roll-on every 20-30 mins till the baby feels better.
  • If you are applying only for preventing any future colicky pain, then applying it twice a day - morning and evening is advisable.
  • To be rolled over around the naval region and lower abdomen, with gentle pressure.



  • Helps with stomach discomfort, colic/ gastric pain and indigestion.  Soothes the baby's colicky pain and calms them.
  • Only an external colic relief application and is made of all pure natural ingredients with no issues of irritation/allergies.
  • Sustainable, organic, and curated with traditional wisdom.
  • Has no chemicals or artificial fragrances.
  • Completely natural with no preservatives and additives.
  • Comes as a roll-on with green, environment-friendly packaging, easy to apply without getting your hands messy.


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